Signs of a Malfunctioning Slow Cooker

A new slow cookerSlow cookers are godsend devices not only to housewives but to career persons, chefs, cooks and restaurateurs as well. They are a great-time saver, convenient to use and are just plain amazing in terms of cooking meals.

Most of the best slow cookers on the market are almost perfect because they hardly break or breakdown compared to other kitchen appliances. Nonetheless, a day would still come that you will experience getting annoyed at the fact that your slow cooker got damaged.

This article aims to help you identify the some hints that your slow cooker is not working properly. You can also consult your slow cooker’s manufacturer’s manual for further troubleshooting.

Here’s a brief list of the things that you need to look out for when you are using your slow cooker:

  1. Unusual smoke- You noticed that your slow cooker is producing smoke when you turn it on. This issue can either be attributed to pieces or bits of food that accidently found their way to the metal housing or heating element of the slow cooker. Another reason would be is that the manufacturing oil has leaked and spread towards the slow cooker’s metal housing or heating element. You have to be very careful if you are facing this kind of problem because the slow cooker might blow up if you continue plugging it on and off.
  1. Stone-cold slow cooker- Your slow cooker is acting really weird because it does not warm up as it normally should. If this happens, you can actually look at two things. Check the plug outlet and see if it’s working properly. If it does then it is time for you to examine the slow cooker itself. Inspect the slow cooker’s electrical components like cord, plug, heating element or power on and off buttons.
  1. Uneven Cooking- Your slow cooker didn’t yield the awesome same results when it was newly bought. This can be resolved easily by ensuring that the meal ingredients are placed properly inside the slow cooker and that they are also chopped or cut to the same sizes.
  1. Broken or Cracked Lid or Liner- Accident always happens. For some reason, you dropped the slow cooker cover or you have accidentally placed it on an extremely cold counter or you have inadvertently spray it with cold water and poof, the cover cracked. Once the cover is cracked, you can never use your slow cooker again without replacing the former with a new one. You have to contact your manufacturer and request for a replacement cover.